Additional Company Information

Everyone who travels outside our province or outside our country should only do so with proper Travel Insurance coverage. My clients are referred to Dundee Travel Health Insurance for products through Travel Insurance Coordinators, a division of Co-operators Life Insurance Company, by calling (800) 491-0851and using Agent Code: BBCG to arrange the best possible coverage.

Alternately, for those clients who wish to contact Manulife Financial's Travel Department they may simply click the Manulife Travel Weblink below:

Manulife Travel Weblink: Click Here

Or clients wishing to contact Manulife's Individual Health Care Department, simply click the Manulife Flexcare, FollowMe Health and C.I. Weblink below:

Manulife Flexcare, FollowMe Health and C.I. Weblink: Click Here

When my clients require certain banking products under the Solutions Banking™ brand I refer them to the National Bank of Canada. If my clients have mortgage needs I refer them to the Mortgage Division at the London Life Insurance Company.

Nature of my relationship with the companies I represent:

No insurance company holds an ownership interest in my business, nor do I hold a significant interest in any insurance company. Should you require additional information about my qualifications or the nature of my business relationships, I would be pleased to assist you.