Retirement Planning

Our role is to assist you in creating retirement plans that will allow you to maximize your income options when you decide to retire. We will work with you to help you visualize and realize your ideal retirement goals and dreams. There are a number of financial instruments we will use to assist you in achieving these goals.


A very useful and valuable financial instrument, RRSP's not only accumulate tax-sheltered funds for retirement but do so while providing a tax-deduction for you contribution. As well, your accumulating funds may be protected from creditors.

"Exempt" Life Insurance Policies:

These policies allow you to maximize tax-sheltered growth of capital while taking advantage of the many flexible benefits of "Exempt" Life Insurance Policies. These plans create funds to augment your other sources of retirement income.

Enhanced Retirement Program:

A program designed to provide you with a supplementary "pension" using either personal or corporately-owned life insurance. Very effective from a taxable income point-of-view.

Annuities / RRIF's:

These plans provide an income flow to match your income needs during retirement.

Retirement Protector Plans:

These plans help you continue saving for retirement even when you are totally disabled and have no earned income.